GoodNotes 3 keeps crashing during start-up.

If you are running GoodNotes 3 on iOS 8 or later, it may no long work. Please extract the app data, and share with us to recover the notebooks, or migrate the data to GoodNotes 4:

  1. Open the Settings app, select GoodNotes on the left, and then turn on Extract App Data.
  2. Open GoodNotes again and the extraction process will begin automatically. When it is done, GoodNotes will close by itself.
  3. Then please connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes. The extracted data can be found from the File Sharing section of GoodNotes and it will include the PDFs imported.

If there is no sensitive information, please zip the file and send the download link to us, we will try our best to recover all your notes. You can use WeTransfer to transfer the zipped file if it is big.

If you have purchased GoodNotes 4: please drag the extracted data folder from your computer to GoodNotes 4 in the iTunes File Sharing section. Then open GoodNotes 4 and navigate to the library. It will ask you whether to import the data. If it doesn't work, please restart GoodNotes 4 and try again.

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