My notebooks show arrows in the upper right and are not syncing with iCloud

The arrows mean that your notebooks are uploading to iCloud. If you have followed the instructions in this support article, but the arrows don't disappear after a while, please follow the instructions below.

First please back up all the notebooks that show the arrow in the upper right. You have multiple options:

      • Use Automatic-Backup or Backup All to an external cloud storage. 
      • Export the notebooks to an external cloud storage via Edit>Export. Important: Set file format to GoodNotes Document.
      • If the backup fails, it might be too large. Back up your files to iTunes instead by connecting your device to your computer with a USB cable.


If backup was successful, continue with the steps below

  1. Ideally, make a list of all notebooks that were showing the arrow in the upper right, so that you know which ones you might have to exchange with the current version later on.
  2. In iOS Settings, open iCloud>iCloud Drive and deactivate iCloud Drive. Make sure to deactivate it on top of the list and not only for GoodNotes.
  3. Confirm that you want to deactivate iCloud Drive, even though GoodNotes is still syncing.
  4. Open GoodNotes. The library should now be empty.
  5. Activate iCloud Drive again in iOS Settings.
  6. Open GoodNotes again and wait for all notebooks to download from iCloud. The notebooks that were showing the arrow should be outdated, or non-existent.
  7. Import the outdated notebooks from your cloud storage/iTunes back up manually, by using the +>Import function in the library view. You can now delete the duplicated notebooks.

Changes you make in a notebook should now sync to iCloud.


My notebooks don't show an arrow at all

  • Check if “Use iCloud” is activated in Options>Settings>iCloud
  • Quit the app and open it again.

My notebooks still show an arrow, that won't go away.
If this is the case, please duplicate the concerning notebooks, by using Edit>Duplicate. The duplicates should now upload to iCloud.

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